I just revamped the CL-ENUMERATIONS library and API.

This was simply a nice cleanup of the previous library. The new documentation pages are, of course, generated with a little HEΛP, which also got some fine tuning to be able to generate doc pages from quite a variety of relatively "plain" doc-strings.



There's a pulse

Hello there,

After a long time I finally had a few hours (sic!) to get back to actual hacking.

The main thing I did was to get myself re-accustomed with the new common-lisp.net infrastructure based on GitLab. This took some time to "realign" my repositories and getting my head wrapped around the way things work.

The result is that I went back to HEΛP to fix some tricky package issues, which are the result of wanting to be too cocky. Next I want to rework the web page layout in order to use the new HTML5 "semantic" tags.

After that, I will rework the documentation of my libraries and go on to "finish" a couple of other ones I have on the back burner.

Do I have too much on my lisping plate? :) :)




Open parenthesis

It has been a year since I posted something about Common Lisp.  What have I been doing meanwhile on this front?  Well, not much visible, but I am still ill from NIH syndrome, therefore I have been cooking up a few things, while doing my real work ;)
In any case, the most time consuming things in my corner of the Common Lisp world have been:
  • Moving repos from CVS to git and getting the new common-lisp.net to agree with me (or me with it: you decide).  Some new things have been deployed on Sourceforge as I had a very old account there.
  • Fixing HEΛP to ensure that it worked nicely in most implementations and Quicklisp.
  • Building a new library called CLAST (Common Lisp Abstract Syntax Trees; reminder of "clastic rocks") that will do TRT according to my personal tastes; this library will play a role in my rebuilding of CLAZY and other little things.
Stay tuned.