CDR is Next...


as many may know, I have been nursing (almost to death!) the Common Lisp Document Repository (CDR).  Pascal Costanza et al., started the project many years ago and then I sat on top of it for many more.

I finally found some time to work on it and the result is a revamped site (cdr.common-lisp.dev) with the addition of stashing documents in a Zenodo Community (CDR), which has the benefit of producing a DOI for each write-up.

Moreover, Pascal Bourguignon, Michał "phoe" Herda and Didier Verna have agreed to become CDR editors.  Many thanks to them.

So, if anyone wants to submit a "specification" for something of interests to the CL community, she/he is most welcome to do so.  Just remember that good specifications are not so easy to write.



  1. Hi, great news, there's a broken link to CDR 4 in the CDR manual section.

  2. Thanks... Yes. There are many old cdr.eurolisp.org dangling links. I am fixing them as they pop up.

  3. Thank you for the update and appreciate your stewardship of CDR. Looking forward to seeing it grow!